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QR Code

QR Codes are similar to the standard bar codes that currently appear on all types of consumer products, except QR codes can contain much more information than traditional barcodes.

A QR Code works by simply scanning the code with a mobile device that is equipped with a camera and QR Code reader application. These applications can be downloaded for free on popular smartphone platforms such as iPhone and Android. Once the QR Code is scanned using the device’s camera it is translated into actionable information, such as a text message or mobile web page.

QR Code can be used by any business/industry/organization; be it a retail business, a nonprofit organization, a membership association or educational institution , if a portion of the business target audiences use Smartphones; then a QR Code can be a great way to differentiate yourself and reach people in new ways. There are a number of practical ways QR codes can be used for marketing and promotions in a variety of settings. QR Codes can be integrated into Websites, Social Media and printed materials, including:

QR Code Creation in Malaysia

Once a QR code is scanned the encoded information can be used to automatically trigger a range of actions on the user's device, including:

There are numerous ways that QR Codes can be used to strategically bridge offline and online media. Here are some examples:

Benefit of having QR Code are:

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