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Point of Sales (POS)

Multi-Store POS System

Flixar's Multi-Store is a program that permit branches to send their transactions (sales, customers, inventory, vendor data & etc) to Head Office for consolidation. Flixar's Multi-Store uses internet for communication, making it inexpensive to operate. Benefit of using Flixar's Multi-Store POS:

Fast Performance: All branches' data will be transmitted to head office every minute for consolidate. (it mean user can view almost real time report for all branches.)

Inventory Control: Stock Creation Permits Head Office centralized stock Creation and barcodes. (it mean stock information can be duplicated to another shops.)

Promotion: Promotion Permits Head Office to maintain the Promotion Centrally and duplicate it to another shop.

Stock Lookup: allow Head Office / Branches to view every shops stock on hand and the stock need to be ordered.

Customer Management: Customer particulars can be duplicated to another shops. (it means customer's particulars is identical.)

Vendor Management: Vendor particulars can be duplicated to another shops. (it means vendor's particulars is identical.)

Reports: Consolidate Report over a user defined period, Head office can view how shops are performing in terms of sales, gross profit, number of sales over any period, inventory status & etc. The reports can be broken down by shops & by product.

Stock Transfer: Head office & branches able to transfer stock to others branches.

Distributed Concept: All branches data are stored at branch & head office computer, therefore no impact to others if one of the branch system is down.

Bill to Branch: Able to bill certain branches during stock transfer. (Example: Branch Own by different person.)

** Package included: Software + Hardware + Installation + Training + Support Service

Single-Store POS System

Flixar Studio also offers Single Store POS System for our clients. Flixar's Single Store POS system manage customer and customer related transactions, manage and track stocks, manage suppliers, manage staffs, send messages through email and SMS, view reports and other value added services. This Single Store POS System suitable for store which is not a multi-chain store or franchise stores such as Convenient Store/ Supermarket, Mini Market, Accessories Store, General Trading Stores, etc. Our POS System is a multi-language system: English, Malay and Chinese Language.

** Package included: Software + Hardware + Installation + Training + Support Service

Kiosk POS System (Lite Version)

Kiosk POS System (Lite Version) is an entry level based point of sale system specifically designed for all kind of retail businesses, based on today market needs. The simple and straightforward features make all operation in a stand-alone environment with minimum hardware requirement. Its combined features for both manual cash register and back end operation together. All kind of necessary reporting already embedded in this Kiosk POS System (Lite Version). With these reports, accurate discussion and future expansion will surely improved.

Instead of using traditional ECR cash register with less functions and minimum report presentation, today you can use more powerful features for your business growth. Highlighting some of the features:

** Package included: Software + Hardware + Installation + Training + Support Service

Food & Beverages POS System (F&B POS System)

Flixar's F&B POS System support both multi-chain restaurant as well as single restaurant. Our POS equipped with multi-language of English, Malay and Chinese. Our POS System manage restaurants through the below functionalities:

Order Management
-- Table Plan
-- Combine Bill
-- Split Bill
-- Transfer Table
-- Kitchen Message
-- Up To 16 Kitchen Printer
-- Condiment
-- No Day End Closing

Customer Management
-- Cash Sales
-- Print Address Label
-- Customer Transaction History
-- Customer Point Management

Stock Management
-- Stock Re-Order
-- Reminder
-- Print Barcode Using Barcode Printer Or Normal Printer (Inkjet or Laser)
-- Promotion Price Setting
-- 6 Levels Selling Price
-- Multi UOM (Unit Of Measurement)
-- Multi Supplier

Supplier Management
-- Purchase Order
-- Goods Receive
-- Print Address Label
-- Supplier Transaction History

Staff Management
-- Security Access Level Controls
-- Commission Calculation
-- Staff Attendance

Report Module
-- Sales Profit Listing
-- Sales Analysis Listing
-- Customer Sales Listing
-- Top Sales by Item, Sales and Profit
-- Stock Listing
-- Inventory Audit Trial
-- etc

-- Integrated with MyKad Reader (to read customer information)
-- Integrated with Mifare Reader (Member Card Reader-Touch)
-- Integrated with Data Collector
-- Change Skin (Screen Colour)
-- GST Ready

POS Hardware / Equipment / Accessories

We at Flixar Studio supply wide range of POS Hardware, equipments and accessories. Listed below are our products:

barcode printer, POS barcode printer
Barcode Printer

bio metric devices
Bio Metrics

POS Cash drawer
Cash Drawer

POS Cash drawer
Customer Pole Display

POS Cash drawer
Dot Metric Printer

POS Cash drawer
EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance)

POS Cash drawer
LED Advertisement Board

POS Cash drawer
Mobile Printer

POS Cash drawer
Barcode Scanner

POS Cash drawer
Thermal Receipt Printer

POS Cash drawer
Touch Screen Computer

POS Cash drawer
Touch Screen Monitor